Fabregas Doakan City Soon Slipped

Fabregas Doakan City Soon Slipped

Manchester City are still unstoppable in the Premier League Judi bola. Chelsea players, Cesc Fabregas, hope that The Citizens soon slip.

City is currently in first place standings with 40 points, the result of 14 times played. They are unbeaten with 13 wins and one draw.

With that figure, City are eight points clear of Chelsea, who are in third with more matches.

Fabregas mentioned that Chelsea’s current duties just have to keep winning. After that, the Blues just have to wait for City to lose points.

“The distance is now eight points, and the competition is still long, so that’s why we have to keep coming closer and hopefully they slip,” Fabregas told Sky Sports.

“They are in that position because they are worthy, our job just keeps winning,” he added.

Chelsea reap a 3-1 victory over Newcastle United in the Premier League continued on Saturday (2/12/2017) night local time. Fabregas said the victory was a good comeback fruit from The Blues.

“We were able to get up well (in this day) and in the end it was a great win.” We have changed the formation a little and played with three midfielders, letting me (to be) a bit forward, I can get closer to Eden (Hazard) “Fabregas said again.

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