Coutinho Predicted Staying Lose Leg from Liverpool

Coutinho Predicted Staying Lose Leg from Liverpool

Former Liverpool coach Roy Evans believes sooner or later Philippe Coutinho will leave Barcelona Situs Judi. Before that, Evans hopes Coutinho can show the best performance for the Reds.

Coutinho became a hot talk in the summer transfer market in 2017. The Brazilian was called to move to Barcelona. But the desire gets opposition from Liverpool management.

Until the end of the summer transfer market in 2017, Coutinho transfer to Barcelona did not happen. The Reds management proves its sincerity to keep Coutinho. It got a positive response from Evans. However, he mentioned if Coutinho is still likely to move to Barcelona

“When the time comes, Coutinho will probably move to Barcelona within six months or at the end of the season. But before that, he must show the best performance with Liverpool, “said Evans.

“The World Cup is in sight. He must think to be able to continue to show the best performance in order to penetrate the Brazil squad. The trick is to play well in Liverpool. ”

“We have made the game Coutinho growing since he joined this club. He has been transformed into one of Liverpool’s top players. We are in the Champions League, it makes Coutinho has no reason not to enjoy playing in Liverpool, “said the manager who handled Liverpool in the period 1994-1998.

Liverpool have played three Premier League games in the absence of Philippe Coutinho. The Reds collected seven points, the result of two wins and one draw.

Source: Express

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